As an auto writer, gathering thoughts sometimes hits a speed bump. I’ve found that a glass of fine wine helps the process along…after five o’clock, of course, when test cars are retired for the night. Our Writers Block Red tends to get the creative juices going.

About Us

Here are some important things to know about us at Cogan Family Cellars. We love cars, always have. In fact, proprietor Ron Cogan has been an auto writer his entire adult life. He publishes Green Car Journal, an award-winning magazine focused on electric, hybrid, and high-efficiency cars. Before that he was editor of a dozen auto magazines and then feature editor at Motor Trend, before leaving that behind and moving family and business to California’s stunning Central Coast.

Which brings us to wine. The Central Coast is surrounded by more than 50,000 acres of vineyards and is home to more than 200 wineries. Ron and his wife Sheree love wine so tasting excursions all over the country have been an important part of their travels. These experiences have not only presented an education in winemaking, vineyards, and winery operations, but have also enabled learning the stories of others who have successfully established their place in the wine industry. It seemed only natural to plant a small vineyard so that was the next step. Then came winemaking, with the mentoring of award-winning winemaker Steve Autry.

Cogan’s first wine was 2010 Writers Block Red, hand-crafted by Ron and Steve at Autry Cellars from the Cogan family vineyard’s Syrah grapes and additional sustainably-grown Syrah from Wolff Vineyards. Since ‘family’ is integral to the Cogan Family Cellars brand and philosophy, it should be no surprise that Sheree and son Devin have been involved in the production and bottling process, while out-of-state daughters Stefanie and Catie simply like enjoying the bottles they bring home!

The result of all this has been magical…a truly fine wine to share with family, friends, and colleagues in the automotive, public relations, and publishing worlds. Reviews have been spectacular! Making wine for pleasure and sharing it is gratifying…but the next logical step is going commercial. Please contact us to learn more about how you can soon buy and enjoy Cogan Family Cellars’ wonderful auto- and writer-themed wines!

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